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Also I have 2 family members addicted to heroin and methadone because their GP's are not providing the service and support that i feel they should!This country is an absoulute disgrace when it comes to addiction support there are no clear avenues for people to take.heroin addiction is not just a dublin problem but has already spread across the country.i need help,,this is really killing me,,,last week after a sex rampage i felt like killing myself....i know the problem lies with me and not the sex industry as i know that will always be there.... i feel like i cant tell any one,,as i feel like a pervert....thanks for reading this and if any one can steer me in the right direction,,,please do.Forest healthcare in Wicklow is a new and excellent facility in treating addiction using the M I method (motivational interviewing).Dont give up i know this sounds cheesey but you have to stay positive, there are times when i hate what my husband is doing to me and the family but i wont give up on him, if i did he would take that road and i dont want that for him.But he has to prove he wants the help and i will help him as long as he talks and discusses feelings etc. There seems to be no clinic or rehab centre that can provide a detox service and counceling, without having to wait months.

Every few months just when i think he is getting better he will have a re-lapse and its taking chunks out of me.It is non confrontational and having exhausted other approaches I am thankfully beneffitting from having done the 3 week programme two months ago. Sex addicion has to be treated like any other addiction there are support groups for your addiction i can understand that because of the nature of the addiction it must be very lonely it isent something you can openly talk about to people in general.Find yourself a support group sex anonomous you will be with people who understands what you are going through its free and you may find yourself a sponsor to help you through.Is there any support group amongst medical professionals for nurses with addiction/alcohol problems? Also contact the Rutland Centre on 4946358 to obtain details of how to contact to 12 step fellowship Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. hi...i live in dublin.i got a MAJOR problen with sex addiction.There are many amongst us and we are not facing up to this problem in a mature and helplful way. i've tried many times to stop this sick behaviour but i cant..i spen alot of my hard earned money on prostitutes and porn.

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