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It is sometimes called Primitive Native Art, and includes artworks (and crafts) from all ethnic groups.

The book is an exploration of one of the most ancient crafts in the world.African art had a very different function in a very different way of life, from that of European or Western culture.To begin with, it was an integral part of an all-pervading religion.(ii) Definition of victim.—In this subparagraph and with respect to a criminal proceeding in which a participating tribe exercises special domestic violence criminal jurisdiction based on a violation of a protection order, the term ‘victim’ means a person specifically protected by a protection order that the defendant allegedly violated.(c) Criminal Conduct.—A participating tribe may exercise special domestic violence criminal jurisdiction over a defendant for criminal conduct that falls into one or more of the following categories: (i) prohibits or provides protection against violent or threatening acts or harassment against, sexual violence against, contact or communication with, or physical proximity to, another person; (ii) was issued against the defendant; (iii) is enforceable by the participating tribe; and (iv) is consistent with section 2265(b) of title 18, United States Code.

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The term "Folk Art" is used to refer to artifacts exemplifying the craft skills and decorative traditions of various indigenous social groups, such as those of peasant communities in Europe and elsewhere.

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