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My friends using the app have had varying success, but I use this to caution people to take extra caution with online dating because in the end you never really know who you’re going down on.grind, Maxwell Turner, Grindr, tinder, online dating, online, i Phone, Android, Grindr Xtra, App, application, Dating App, okcupid, POF, internet, Chest, homophobia, LGBT, gay, Gay Sex, condom, hiv, HIV Testing, Statistics, HIV Statistics, US, canada, NYC, Block, Racism, douchebags, assholes, Douchebags Of Grindr, Scary, Douchebags of Grindr, Safer Sex, hookup, hookups, Casual Sex, Anal Sex, anal, vagina, Liars,2017 was so weird and unpleasant, that it’s hard not to make the case that sometime in late 2016 the world is over and we are now living in the bad place.Looking past the orange marshmallow who is now the American president and a whole lot of personal tragedy, one of the only things to help get me...[read our first interview] [read our 2nd interview] [read our 3rd interview] Eros is a touring event that will combine works by international and local artists.Producing and performing all the tunes in his own studio, Yung Shalack is a multi-faceted self-taught talented individual that is starting off with a banger. A tune titled "Runner-up" produced by VXNYL , Key Watch and my Dirtyhaircut .The trap-infused tune showcases more of JT's rap skills, continuing on the same vibe as his last...The study also looked into safer sex practices and discovered that of those people who had never been tested reported having anal sex without using a condom in the past three months.The study didn’t show how frequently most people did get tested, but those who had been tested also reported engaging in unsafe sex.Half of all the men in the study reported bare-backing in the past six months, and 70% in the past year.This is really concerning as HIV incidence isn’t exactly dropping the way many people think it is.

These talented artists will be touring to showcase their art works, at Projet Pangee (December 16th), and Godberd (December 22nd) with performances by Santiago...[read our first interview here] Eros is a touring event that will combine works by international and local artists.That's what happened when I discovered Visually Tasteful .Hailing from Montreal (Laval, more specifically) - this creative visionary really grabbed my attention when I saw one of the photo projects he did with our...Online dating in theory is a pretty beautiful thing; I mean you get to browse through profiles that can match you up, or at the very least let you learn a little bit about someone before you actually have to meet them.In reality though there are just as many douchebags online as there are in the greasiest of nightclub, and they’re too often just in it for the sex.

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I occasionally turn on the app when I’m bored and almost always regret that decision within fifteen minutes after someone says something treacherous.

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