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And the one person you trust may only be telling you half the story. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Endless gratitude to my wonderful agent, Clare Conville, to Jake Smith-Bosanquet and all at C&W, and to my editors, Claire Wachtel, Selina Walker, Michael Heyward and Iris Tupholme. Usually I can remember how I get into situations like this, but not today.

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was originally launched in Germany in 2001 and went international in 2002. Dura, you must fight me, excite me." This must be the main thing in the attraction.

Particular thanks to Margaret and Alistair Peacock, Jennifer Hill, Samantha Lear and Simon Graham, who believed in me before I believed in myself, to Andrew Dell, Anzel Britz, Gillian Ib and Jamie Gambino, who came later, and to Nicholas Ib who has been there always. Thank you to all at the Faber Academy, and in particular to Patrick Keogh. I was woken by a womans voice at first I thought she was in bed with me, but then realized she was reading the news and I was hearing a radio alarm and when I opened my eyes I found myself here. The alarm clock looks complicated, but I find a button and manage to silence it. Do I need to worry about her arriving back at any moment? I wonder how I will defend myself, if she does appear. Wasted enough to have gone home with a man with a wedding ring and hairs on his back.

Finally, this book would not have been written without the input of my gang Richard Skinner, Amy Cunnah, Damien Gibson, Antonia Hayes, Simon Murphy and Richard Reeves. It is then that I hear a juddering intake of breath behind me and realize I am not alone. I see an expanse of skin and dark hair, flecked with white. He has his left arm outside the covers and there is a gold band on the third finger of the hand. So this one is not only old and grey, I think, but also married. I imagine her standing on the other side of the room, screaming, calling me a slut. I fold back the covers as gently as I can and sit on the edge of the bed. I ignore the slippers at my feet after all, fucking the husband is one thing, but I could never wear another womans shoes and creep barefoot on to the landing.

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I say, meaning, Surely not the last twenty-five years? He steps towards me again, approaching me as if I am a frightened animal.