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This was the last goddamned time I’d ever get to show my tits to a stranger without any scars. I had contracted extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis, or XDR-TB (a severe version of multidrug-resistant, or MDR tuberculosis), while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine.The National Jewish Health Center is no longer a sanatorium, but it is still one of the country’s top TB research facilities, staffed by worldwide mycobacteria experts and equipped with properly ventilated rooms for the infrequent consumptives who turn up there.

A positive skin test usually doesn’t mean you have TB — less than than 10% of people with positive skin tests ever develop an active case, because healthy immune systems can usually defeat the bacterial intruder.Three times a week, amikacin seeped down the skinny 2-foot-long tube inside and up my arm, leading behind my collarbone to splash into a big fat artery over my heart. What the hell was wrong with this guy’s face, anyway? I had been in that room in Denver for almost a month.I was days away from lung surgery to remove my upper right lobe, where the bulk of the disease was headquartered.So I cracked a few jokes and went back to pounding flat Chernigivske beers with my friends.I had been in Ukraine since September 2008, after studying Russian in college.

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When I was admitted to the hospital, the state of Colorado dispatched a guy to my hospital room to read me my legal quarantine order.