Is katie couric dating

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Is katie couric dating

That same year, however, Couric faced profound tragedy in her personal life: Monahan, then a legal analyst with NBC News, died in January following a six-month battle with colon cancer. After her husband's untimely death, Couric mounted an aggressive campaign to raise money for research and testing in order to fight colon cancer.As part of her efforts, Couric masterminded a two-week TV series to raise awareness of the disease, even undergoing an on-air colonoscopy herself in order to impress upon viewers the importance of testing.“That was kind of a weird thing.” Stern expressed his surprised that neither man called Couric for a second date.However, she reassured him that she didn’t lose any sleep over unrequited love.She said the way her love life has unfolded since her husband’s death wasn’t what she expected, but it has been a valuable learning experience.“When you get to my age, everyone is a little bit wounded.By the end of 2000, her campaign had raised more than million.

The pair got engaged the following year, and in June 2014, they tied the knot in a small ceremony held in East Hampton, New York.After Katie Couric’s husband died of colon cancer in 1998, the famous news anchor has wined and dined with some of the most interesting — and unexpected! “I think women need to be much more open-minded,” Couric told Howard Stern on his Sirus XM show of her dates with Bob Saget and Jeff Probst.Couric’s romances with both Saget and Probst were both limited to singular dates.In 1988, shortly before her marriage to Jay Monahan, a lawyer based in Washington, Couric was hired as the No. invasion of Panama and the Persian Gulf War from her Pentagon position, as well as from a newly-created post at NBC's morning show, , she conducted many sought-after interviews with individuals such as First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Anita Hill, George Bush, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Colin Powell and Jerry Seinfeld.2 reporter at the Pentagon for the Washington bureau of NBC News. Her comfortable on-screen rapport with Gumbel (although the two were famously contentious off-camera) proved the key to the show's growing popularity, and in 1993 , which continued to solidify its hold on the top spot in the Nielsen ratings and expand the definition of a morning news program.

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For her part, Couric had become the undisputed star of morning television.