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Dating rapture

If you're a fan of REAL women's grappling - with some brutal scissoring included - this is the video for you.

The 5-8, 130-lb lithe, muscular pinup model makes her Killer Crushes debut in a competitive submission match vs 6-0, 190 lb Nic.5-10, 185-lb She-Hulk is every bit as strong as her name would imply.She's a heavy equipment operator who pretty much dominates any room - or gym - she ever walks into. More often than not, no one even questions whether that's the case. Up until this point, she's been undefeated on the mats, and when she walks in a room, people just know to back the fuck down.There are grapevines and lots of strong scissors to go along with some intense grappling action and it's all too real as indicated by the fact that 2 separate falls end by retirement instead of pin or submission.FREE PREVIEW Sinister squeeze sister, JC, is 6 feet of brutal blonde sadist.

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I would label this video "competitive", except that it wasn't competitive at all.