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It’s these unique and poignantly honest reactions that help us strip away misconceptions revealing what really happens once someone is diagnosed with an STD.In the style of MTV’s I am about 90% sure whom I contracted it from, but I cannot be 100% positive, because I had unprotected sex with several individuals I did not know well and was never tested for HSV prior to having symptoms.[The guy I think I contracted it from] turned out to be a pathological liar with antisocial personality disorder.

I have, in the last 6 months, told 10 people, including men I was dating, family members, therapists, and friends, and have started to participate in sites like this.

This, despite the fact that she disclosed her long-time partner had it!

A few other people, after my disclosing, have told me they think they have it or know someone who does.

He had been feeling ill and had an unexplained fever around the same time we started sleeping together, so my guess is he was asymptomatically shedding.

When he told me he didn’t know he had herpes, it was hard to know what to believe, especially as his lies started to surface.

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What follows is a remarkable and insightful look into dating with an STD, the mental battle one undergoes when talking to potential partners about an infection, and learning to accept oneself despite the outcome.

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